About Us

Applegate Valley Chiropractic Ruch OregonFor thirty-five years, Dr. Anne has been in chiropractic practice and has been promoting whole-body wellbeing. Her inspiration came from a lifelong intrinsic drive to thinking outside of the “professionally orthodox” box leading her to choose the field of chiropractic. Completing her formal chiropractic education at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon, she has continued to learn and grow professionally by achieving hundreds of hours in postgraduate education. Dr. Anne has chosen various areas to specialize in including prenatal care, pediatrics, cold laser therapy, nutrition and sports medicine. Her determination for expansive education and experiences allows her to continue to provide the most cutting-edge techniques and practices in her clinic.

Though her professional experience has spanned three states, Dr. Anne is a native Oregonian. She returned to the Rogue Valley from Tennessee in 2003 to begin her practice at Applegate Valley Chiropractic and Wellness in Ruch, Oregon. She currently lives on a 50-acre farm in the beautiful Applegate Valley. She has created an animal sanctuary on this land and is constantly working to expand her ability to help those in need, Grace Victory Farm Animal Sanctuary.