What People Are Saying About Us

Applegate Valley Chiropractic Ruch Oregon

I love how the place is very homey! I like how you have a mat we can lay on while we wait. Both Anne and Ashley are always happy! The dogs are a plus!


“I love coming to appointments here. It makes me feel much more relaxed and loose and is helping a ton with my recovery!”


“I always feel better after I leave!”


“Dr. Anne provides a whole array of very helpful services. I love the ‘cold laser method’ she uses and I find she is always educating herself about how to holistically assist her patients. She is excellent at kinesiology and can pinpoint which exact supplement will help you. Dr. Anne and her staff are very warm, friendly and caring in addition to all the excellent care they provide.”


“…visit after visit my body was aligned the way nature intended it to be. OMG what a difference! Now, the chores on my acreage and vacation rental are so much easier with that pain gone. Anne uses the latest equipment, the best I must say is the touch of her hands.”


“Unerring attention to what really helps and not causing damage.”


There are a lot of things that distinguish you! First of all, I love your lasers! The slo motion workout has changed my life!!! Kinesiology testing, who’d have thought…so radical!  You laugh at all my jokes.  (Really love that.) You focus on nutrition and holistic health. I deeply appreciate that. I also appreciate that you care about issues such as vaccinations and share info about that kind of thing.  I have also appreciated how supportive you are when we have to reschedule and how forgiving you are when we’re late. And I looooooove that you trade your services for our bread.  Well, those are the things that spring to my mind. You’re the best!”


“You care about me and my family. You are not just there to take my money and you look at my whole body, not just the part that hurts. You bring tons of knowledge about healthy living in general and your positivity is infectious.”


“I appreciate the detailed muscle testing that Dr. Anne does to better achieve balance and pain relief for me.  I also have benefited greatly from the use of the laser.  Neither of these treatments were provided for me in previous chiropractic care.   Grateful for the improved quality of life I have experienced since beginning care last year.”


“Flashing lights–floating beds–Free Hugs–Giggles and the best care anywhere!!! Who could ask for anything more?”


“Ok, so for me it’s all about the Cold Laser (CL). That little gizmo (and of course the Jedi that wields it) is what separates Dr Anne from the Padawans  …. I travel 100+ miles one-way and cross high mountain passes and county lines to get to the AVC refuge as required.”


Dr. Anne is excellent! Been to several chiropractors, she actually specializes in YOU, not just the crack and go. Highly recommend!!

Rob Summer Underwood

I’ve been a regular client of Dr.Anne for several years now. She is a gifted, caring and knowledgeable practitioner. She’s the best I’ve been to over the years and I am grateful to have found her.

Carol Johnson

Wonderful, compassionate and forward-thinking care. I  would recommend to those recovering from an acute condition  or those who are just looking for wellness support.

Rachelle Schaaf

“Working with Dr. Anne has been an amazing journey to improve my awareness, overall health and lifestyle. It’s the way to living life!”

Jennifer Butler